Dr. Lori Taylor

Registered Psychologist, College of Psychologists of BC (#1079) 

In-Depth Psychotherapy

Healing from life's difficulties is possible.  

My name is Dr. Lori Taylor, and I might be the right therapist for you if:

  • You have a history of difficult life experiences and want to grieve the related losses, understand the impacts on your life, develop self-compassion, and gain freedom to make choices based on your values in the present rather than on conditioning from the past.
  • You are a therapist or therapist-in-training yourself and would like to participate in your own psychotherapy to further your personal growth, as well as to become a better therapist.
  • You have experienced losses due to death, chronic health & pain conditions, relationships ending, aging, infertility, and other situations of transition/change which you need to grieve and learn how to manage.
  • You have a history of childhood neglect, unmet needs, or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse—or grew up in a family where adults were self-absorbed due to addictions, relationship problems, or other stressors—and want to understand and work through the impacts of these experiences on your life.
  • You are judging yourself harshly, feeling shame and anxiety, having challenges in your relationships, experiencing low mood or irritability, or engaging in compulsive behaviors you would like to stop.
  • You are an individual from a group that is often oppressed or pre-judged, and you would like a client-therapist relationship in which you can feel comfortable being open about all aspects of your life and self.
  • You are struggling with existential issues such as death anxiety, searching for meaning, or dealing with uncertainty, unfairness, and powerlessness. 
  • You are finding life confusing or overwhelming and would like help making sense of it all and figuring out how to cope. You would like to experience more joy, contentment, and gratitude.
  • You are willing to put effort in between sessions to work on understanding yourself and practicing new skills.